Falhei a inscrição nos testes de MD e AED :\

07 Apr '06 - 02:29 by

Oh fodasse : n sabia que as inscrições de AED e MD acabavam na quinta e acabei por falhar a data.

Mandei um mail aos docentes responsaveis, talvez tenha sorte, espero bem que sim…

Disabled comments on this blog

24 Mar '06 - 02:45 by

Due to incredibly enormous amounts of spam on my blog, I disabled comments.

Contra os Cabrões, Marchar, Marchar

11 Mar '06 - 15:39 by

Estou farto deste governo de merda que temos, como tal fiz uma música apropriada para a ocasião.


Divirtam-se :)

I bought an Intel-based iMac (17" Model)

24 Feb '06 - 05:48 by

Well, I bought one of the new Intel-based iMacs. I must say, the iMac is very good! Here are the specs:

Intel Core Duo (Yonah Pentium M Dual Core) 1.83 GHz
ATI Radeon X1600

It boots in about 5 seconds, and it rarely slows down at all. It also includes a “mighty mouse” (which isn’t much better than a regular mouse, although the scrollball is very nice), an iSight webcam (which unfortunately is built-in, which means I can’t move it to take pictures outside. Still, it’s much better than having no webcam at all.), an (also built-in) 17” TFT Display (which has an odd 1440×900 resolution, but nothing particularly hard to get used to), and a very neat remote controller (I think it’s called Front Row, but I’m not sure.) which looks just like an iPod Nano (or is it like an iPod Mini? I don’t know.), minus the screen.

I still don’t have an Apple Keyboard, FNAC didn’t have it yet. Supposedly, I can go pick one up in about two or three weeks.

As for the software part, it includes the usual software all Macs have. Mac OS X v10.4.4 Intel, iLife ‘06, iWork ‘06 Trial, Microsoft Office 2004 Test Drive, Quicken, and some other similar stuff. Rosetta’s performance is incredibly good, much better than on a cracked Mac OS X Installation.

Overall, it was a good purchase, one that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a Mac!

Passei a AMI, e tou de férias! :D

05 Feb '06 - 20:52 by

Já tou de férias! :D E já não era sem tempo, diga-se!

Soube ontem que passei a AMI com 12 :) Já so falta saber a nota de FP!

Firescape v0.1 Release; Passei a SD

27 Jan '06 - 03:20 by

Well, Firescape v0.1 is out, finally. To note that the Mac version is an universal binary, so it should run natively on Intel Macs, as well as PowerPC Macs.

Passei a SD. Foi um tanto á rasca mas lá me safei. Agora só falta saber a nota de AMI e fazer o teste de FP…

Firescape v0.1 Release Candidate 1

16 Jan '06 - 21:48 by

Firescape is finally in Release Candidate status! The webpage is now at http://puto.mozfaq.org/firescape.

The webpage has also been internally redesigned for easier management of news, using PHP.

The Adblock and Colored Tabs extensions were removed, and the default theme was changed to the one from Firefox 0.9. Hope you enjoy it. Also, it is now possible to choose what extensions to install.

Datas Trocadas

21:43 by

Por muito incrível que pareça, eu realmente pensava que o teste de FP fosse no dia 19 de Janeiro. Agora, informaram me que o teste já tinha sido hoje, logo vou ter que ir á segunda fase. Enfim…