I bought an Intel-based iMac (17" Model)

24 Feb '06 - 05:48 by

Well, I bought one of the new Intel-based iMacs. I must say, the iMac is very good! Here are the specs:

Intel Core Duo (Yonah Pentium M Dual Core) 1.83 GHz
ATI Radeon X1600

It boots in about 5 seconds, and it rarely slows down at all. It also includes a “mighty mouse” (which isn’t much better than a regular mouse, although the scrollball is very nice), an iSight webcam (which unfortunately is built-in, which means I can’t move it to take pictures outside. Still, it’s much better than having no webcam at all.), an (also built-in) 17” TFT Display (which has an odd 1440×900 resolution, but nothing particularly hard to get used to), and a very neat remote controller (I think it’s called Front Row, but I’m not sure.) which looks just like an iPod Nano (or is it like an iPod Mini? I don’t know.), minus the screen.

I still don’t have an Apple Keyboard, FNAC didn’t have it yet. Supposedly, I can go pick one up in about two or three weeks.

As for the software part, it includes the usual software all Macs have. Mac OS X v10.4.4 Intel, iLife ‘06, iWork ‘06 Trial, Microsoft Office 2004 Test Drive, Quicken, and some other similar stuff. Rosetta’s performance is incredibly good, much better than on a cracked Mac OS X Installation.

Overall, it was a good purchase, one that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a Mac!

Congratulations. Since you have a wide-format screen how, please browser the gentleman’s way… don’t occupy the entire screen. http://ant.sillydog.org/blog/2006/001077..

Antony Shen (link) - 24 February '06 - 07:59